Saturday, 7 January 2012

Picture Taking (It's Genetic.)


My parents live 7 hours drive away from us (and it kills me!) and today they 'dropped by' for a quick visit, a second (sunny) Christmas and so we could have a meeting about the business we run together. Before the meeting, there was a little photo opportunity with Roman. My mum grabbed up her camera (that my dad lovingly retrieved from the car) and began to snap away - is picture taking genetic? If it is, I have definitely inherited it from my mum.

I don't know if I've shared this before, but she once took a picture of a blanket. Yes, a blanket. She had put so much love, dedication and time into making the blanket that she wanted photo proof of it's brilliance - and it was pretty good. And it's exactly the same thing I would do. Oh how I wish sewing was genetic! Then I could make brilliant blankets and take photos of them ;).

On another note: board meetings (or maybe more couch meetings) with a near 2 year old running about, showing you all his new toys are always lots of fun.

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