Monday, 16 January 2012

Happiness is a Light.


£9.99 is a pretty cheap way of entertaining a little toddler obsessed with light. I won't bore you with the details about our kitchen light packing in and us being too cheap to replace the busted light (for now, while we work out how to replace the 'special' light and the current bane of my existence.) 

Bryan stopped by Lidl today and bought this touch lamp. Exciting, right? Well Roman seems to think so. He loved being able to turn this lamp on and off with relative ease, just by the touch of his finger tips and little toes. "LIGHT! LIGHT!" he would exclaim, little face full of excitement, every time the light went on. 

While we were setting up the light he was very 'helpful' indeed; packing rubbish into the box the light came in and bringing it to me. "BOX! BOX!" he would exclaim, very excited at the fact he'd been given the responsibility of box watcher ;). 

I am enjoying this time, where it's so easy to make games and entertainment from lamps and boxes - and hoping it doesn't run dry too soon.