Tuesday, 17 January 2012



Sleep is a funny thing in this household. We (mum and dad) mean to go to bed early every single night and somehow we always bring in the early hours of the morning and have to rise around 9-10am.

You go down to sleep just before 7pm almost every night and if you don't get to bed by then you're like a little zombie, going through the motions of putting your pajamas on and not saying much at all.

On top of your amazing sleeping pattern you often times take a large chunk of the afternoon to sleep. Today was not one of those days and instead we snuggled up in a blanket on the couch, watching old videos of your babyhood and took a bath together in magnolia bubbles. 

At about 4.30pm you went out with dad and he called me up to let me know you'd fallen asleep in the shop. Oh little boy. You are so cheeky. You really wouldn't go down for a nap this afternoon but I guess the sleep finally found you.

I was glad because there is really only a very little window of opportunity to snap you like this. You're a light sleeper (like me) and it's hard to capture you asleep. Add to that the fact you always have your face squished right up to the end of your cot and you're always snuggled in deep under the duvet. 

We had hoped to share a bed with you, but you were having none of that and by 5 months you were sleeping in a separate room - I know that's bad parenting because everyone says not to do that until 6 months but you hated sharing a bed and then hated sharing a room with us. You'd scream and scream till we put you into a cot from the bed and you'd wake up and scream when we crept into the room at night. I can count 1-4 before I can count the number of times you've shared our bed since then.

I hope that if we have another baby that they share your sleeping habits.