Friday, 27 January 2012

Daddy Time.


Getting ready for a 'baf', Roman gets pretty excited in his supposed wind down period before bed - maybe working off all that extra energy? 

Lately he has been putting his arms out for 'cuddos', running into mine and B's open arms for them. Another trick to getting cuddles; me and B will cuddle up and repeatedly say 'aww!' in very exaggerated tones ;) - this is a trick I learned with my childhood pet dog, Goldie. If you wanted a sneaky cuddle from her everyone piling in for a cuddle and pulling the same exaggerated tone worked. It's the same for Ro. Every single time it works.

But there is something special about his 'cuddos' with B. He grips those chubby little fingers on his arm and is very reluctant to let go for 'cuddos' with me. In fact, he'll just scream 'Dadddd-eee!' at me if I dare pluck him away from his beloved Dah-dee. 

Oh, but I love him so much. Even if the love is sometimes unrequited.

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