Friday, 13 January 2012

One Born Every Minute.


This afternoon we watched a few births from a show I'd recorded called One Born Every Minute

One afternoon last year, when Roman wouldn't take a nap, we sat down to watch it together. I didn't really think he would take any of it in but the whole time he sat on my lap, watching with a wide eyed curiosity. When it was time for the babies to come into the world, he would cheer and then giggle as they were finally born.

The previous year, in 2010, I watched this programme right after I'd given birth. Naturally I cried at each and every single birth, holding my newborn tight to my chest - and being absolutely full of love, gratitude and hormones.

This time around, in 2012, Roman loves to imitate the breathing and even doubled his toy as a mask for his 'gas and air.' We delighted in watching a mum birth her baby into water, another who'd had a previous forceps birth managed to have a natural as possible birth and another delivered a healthy little 9lb girl. 

Women have been doing this for centuries, that's for sure, but somehow every birth does seem like a miracle. And although I've been following this programme for nearly two years, I am still hooked on watching babies being born - and so is Roman.