Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Haircut Number 10000.


Roman was a few months old when he got his first ever hair cut. I definitely knew that with my genetics there would be lots of haircuts in this boys lifetime. I stalled in the last part of last year to cut his hair - after Bryan cut down to the bone I was wary to let him cut too much off. 

Then the stalling stopped when he (Ro) developed a little ponytail round the back ;). I'm all for not gender stereotyping, but this looked like a little mullet might be on its way. So today, after much humming and hawing, the clippers were out and the hair was off.

Roman is never impressed with getting a hair cut, especially with the clippers, and it usually ends in tears. Although he wasn't best pleased B was brandishing the clippers near his head, there were no tears. My dear little boy is really growing up.

Although there were no tears, he was still not averse to running towards me the minute he got free from Bryan's lap and putting his arms around my neck. 

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