Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Wipe Nose.

Lately Roman has been displaying baby traits - he wants to be wrapped in a blanket, cuddled an awful lot, is fairly attached to me and sleeps loads. His normal routine is bed at 7pm, then awake anywhere between 8-10am. He takes a two/three hour nap in the afternoon and then he'll wake and eat so much food that I can't quite believe my eyes; hardly a scrap is wasted.

But despite all the other advancements in his development his speech is coming on so rapidly - sentences are getting longer, new words repeated back to me, understanding and able to name colours, random pointing and shouting out of numbers, too ;). "Dry nose," Roman said to me today, grabbing a fist full of toilet paper, balling it up and dabbing his nose with it. I couldn't do anything but laugh. Later on it was this scene pictured above; a quick grab for the blanket round his shoulders and exclaiming "wipe nose! Wipe nose!" over and over. He amuses me that boy ;).