Monday, 27 August 2012


Monday: another day. People wake up early, go about their business and life goes on for one more day. And when I wake up and know that, know that I have today, I feel so blessed in that knowledge. Knowing that my legs will carry me, that my hands might grow tired and my lids will definitely get heavier as the day pulls me along but that I have this day, with this boy and this time won't last forever. One day this toddler will be a boy, who will grow into a man, and all I will have are these memories of this day. 

This day where I was jolted awake by a sense that today had started and that I needed to be awake; up with the birds and the rain that was trying to get inside my window. A few extra hours in time that I never have with Roman as he was ready to start the day, too. A few extra hours that I will one day want to claw back. A few extra hours where I tried not to wish I was back in bed, but tried to just soak up. A few extra hours that were ours, mine, his.  A few extra hours where I tried to keep a smile on my face and frustration out of my tone. A few extra hours to think about life and our future; ours, mine and his.

And because of these extra hours he woke up very happy this afternoon, ready to face the rest of the day, and suddenly became very sleepy. A baby on my lap, sucking on those two favourite fingers and me; kissing that sweet head repeatedly. The only thing that would make this moment sweeter would be if Bryan walked down the street...and before I got to the end of my tangent Roman whispered, "daddy" under his breath. One look out the window confirmed that my wish had been granted. In that moment we were full up on love and completely united.

Sometimes I really like Mondays.