Wednesday, 29 August 2012


You were watching Come Outside with your favourite Pippin dog in it today. Compared to other children I'd say you don't see as much TV on a weekly basis, this is not because I make a great effort for you not to watch it but because a lot of the time you couldn't care less if it was on or not, so it doesn't go on. And because when it's us, a lot of that time is spent together and it doesn't involve a lot of TV. 

I was checking some important emails (so the TV went on) when I spotted just how spell bound you were by this TV show. I 'awwed' at your little pose, the way you were so captivated, the way your tiny hand rests on your tummy and the intent look on your face? Adorable.


And here is my confession: I use the TV as a babysitter when I need to get something done; checking emails in the morning? The TV goes on. Cleaning needs done that I don't really want 'help' with? The TV goes on. Trying to do last minute packing? The TV goes on. I could lie and say 'I don't like it, I will strive to be a better parent' but quite frankly I don't believe that. If you spend quality time with your children for the majority of their waking hours then a little TV viewing here and there won't turn them into a serial killer.