Sunday, 26 August 2012

Some Smell.

I love having a garden and so does Roman. I think wherever we go now, we'll have a garden, unless we're unable to afford a rented place with one, of course ;). Roman loves the weeds that grow in our garden. "Lubbly fwowers (lovely flowers)!" he'll declare, making a grab for a fistful of weeds. "Some smell," he'll say, stuffing his nose right into the 'flower.' 

And yeah this photo has nothing to do with a garden, flowers or weeds but I had to share it; we came in, he was angry and so he threw his water down on the ground in a protest. Shortly after this I threw down that dish towel and he started to mop it up without prompting. We're going through some funny phases right now with this boy and more than ever I feel I'm really getting to know and see his developing personality.