Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Roman really enjoys getting involved in household tasks. Whatever we're doing, he wants to be a part of and putting away our shopping is no exception to that. So when it arrived today, in the van he loves so much, he was full of excitement. I have to say I was pretty excited, too, as it came as a surprise from my Aunty Jeannette. We like to be self reliant and self sufficient but the reality is that we do need our family and we've been more than blessed when it comes to family helping us, supporting, caring, understanding this situation and loving us. Times have been tough around here, but that's how it is when you're in your early twenties, married and are parents or so I am learning.

When the shopping bags were unloaded into the hall he started on the rice milk; trying to pierce the foil to have a drink, then once I'd confiscated his precious nectar he dug deep into the bags and ran through to the kitchen with it. "THERE YOU GO!" he announced on his arrival into the kitchen, handing over these laundry tablets to Bryan.