Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Fine Mess.

I really don't know what me or Roman will make of this photo in the years to come but for now; this is all I have of today. I don't want to say 'oh my goodness look at my messy hair/beginnings of wrinkles/general shabiness' because, well, does it even matter?

There are few and far between photos of me and Roman together. For both our sakes I told myself that'd change this year. So far it's been difficult to be in front of a camera and centre-stage...and then to see myself as others see me. But then I spotted something; our eye colour, mine and Roman's, is nearly an exact match. He was born with bright blue eyes; Bryan thought it would never change but I was so sure Ro would have green eyes. He's proved us both wrong and surprised me.

And for the sake of future reference; today we had a strange food aversion incident. I made vegan cheesy pasta (macaroni) with broccoli in it. I showed Ro that I was putting it into the mix and he was not bothered by this, or so it seemed. "Trees!" he said when he spotted the broccoli cooking. I served up his dinner and he sat beside me on the sofa to eat it. Well about 5 minutes in he started screaming hysterical and jumped right off the sofa as though he was in pain...feeling very guilty I realised I hadn't let it cool right down, thinking it would be okay to serve as is. 

"Ro! Are you okay?" I proclaimed, checking him over. I quickly realised his problem wasn't the temperature of the food but the contents and in particular; the broccoli. He wasn't expecting it at all and it had freaked him out good style. He was shaking for at least a good hour after his scare but he still ate the broccoli! For the rest of the evening he was freaked out by the neighbour using his vacuum cleaner, any slight sound and was extremely clingy. My goodness I hope I haven't traumatised the poor child!