Monday, 6 August 2012

Stuck On You.

Lately I've found myself not 'looking' for chances to get photographs - there are so many missed moments for photographs; the seemingly 'perfect' picture taking opportunities crop up but would come off as a set up. Plus every mother might know by now that our children have inbuilt sensors to pick up on when we don't have a camera around and they take this chance to do back-flips/somersaults through rings of fire in the interim of grabbing our cameras ;).

Today, however, I felt quite proud of myself for documenting this blurry moment where Roman covered Bryan's hand in stickers. He doesn't stick to tasks for very long, maybe 3-5 minutes per task on a good day, so I was surprised when he was happy putting stickers on every surface (human and couch) he could manage. Roman's apparent neglect of my need to keep surfaces sticker-free and you know, clean, just showed me that I can either be a good mother or a perfect housekeeper and as babies don't keep I chose good motherhood as my path. I'll see the clean house in 20 or so years time I'm sure!