Monday, 13 August 2012

Sleepy Head.

It's been a sleepy past few days. Naps and longer bed time sleeps - thank goodness. I love you Roman but sometimes you're so very tired and fed up with it that it drives me to feeling like I can't do anything for you but put you down for a sleep.

Sleep for you is magical at times. I get an over tired cranky boy who goes to sleep, waking up quite happy and very talkative. Or sometimes a little artist who will want to paint or draw for ages. And sleep, well you can't seem to do it without your little friend Deacon (pictured in your Vulcan grip above) who you've had since babyhood.

You (3 weeks and a bit old) and a plumper, fresher looking Deacon. 


P.S Bryan will be taking over the photos for the next few days because I am burnt out and sick. Normal blogging and picture taking service will resume shortly :).