Friday, 8 June 2012

Busy Day.

Today was one of those sweaty and stressful days - yet it managed to also be happy and one of the best days I've had all week. We started out the morning in the kitchen trying out the new stool I bought for Ro yesterday - he was overjoyed at being eye level with the worktops and being able to get hands on with helping me. 

This turned out to be a power struggle in the end; between me, Roman and the mixing bowl. I would let him mix for a few seconds and slowly but surely he'd lift the whisk to his mouth - I managed to grab it off him before it got to his mouth but this really annoyed him. So he got his own mixing bowl while I mixed the main bowl behind his back. He then had a melt down when I took his mixing bowl away to be washed. 

He had a massive/mother of all melt downs. Screaming, shouting, scratching his face and there wasn't a thing I could do. He'd scream, "CUUDLE!" at me but when I cuddled him? He'd become wild in my arms and squirm free. Turns out he was hungry - nothing else soothed the bad mood apart from half a pitta bread and a cuddle. 

In the afternoon I decided to try out swimming with Roman on my own, at our local leisure centre, and words can't express how incredibly fortunate I feel to be able to walk there. It went well, better than I expected it to be and anytime he wasn't in his flotation device he clung to me. We undressed and dressed quickly, I got to have a swim (more of a paddle with my back legs while I was navigating the flotation device from one end of the pool to the next) and Roman did a great job kicking his legs when I told him to. We also shared a moment laughing at the people coming down the chute and once we got dressed and out of there Bryan was waiting for us, which was a nice surprise :).

To top off the day we arrived home to eat up some yummy cakes.