Friday, 1 June 2012

Belting Out A Number.


When I saw this photo I laughed my head off. "I got a really great shot of him today," I told Bryan, feeling rather pleased with myself - and this project. It's no secret that lately I'm feeling really deflated with it all and sometimes I worry I'm snapping the same photos. Well I think this little photo puts all those fears to bed. 

If you glanced at this photo - what would you think? That I'm some kind of cruel mother who makes light of her sons sad moods or perhaps that my two year old is in fact a dinosaur. Well it's neither. He's belting out a tune that came out three decades (Black Box - Ride on Time) before his birth. 

Listen to the song and put this picture to the test - when the chorus kicked in, this is where he lost himself in the music ;). When the music ends there are constant pleas with me to put the 'woah, woaahh' song back on. "More woah, woaahh!" to be exact. And when that song goes back on? He's so serious! Like a child in a talent show who focuses a lot on being the best. Also, he turns every sound and beat into music; case in point when we were on the train a few weeks ago together he looked up at me with a huge smile and said '"DANCING!" then busted out a move from one of his routines (yep, he makes up his own moves and routines depending on the music) to the noise of the train rattling along the track. 

He's a musical little thing; full of soul and passion for the music.