Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Emotions Running High.

We're having a few challenging days this week because of limited naps. He wasn't sleeping brilliantly at night so we tried to limit - and even cut down on - naps. However very quickly we both realised that he needed naps. Without them he crashes in the middle of the day and is quick to get annoyed with everything.

Today was one of those days where he woke early from his nap and then was completely fed up for the remainder of the day. I was under the impression that he'd fall straight into bed and go to sleep but I couldn't be more wrong. When I went to get him - to change his nappy and put him back to sleep - he was as happy as a clam. He wanted to have a shot on his potty and read a book with me as well as lavish me and Bryan with cuddles.

Sometimes I don't understand the quickly changing moods and sometimes, and I say this very shame-faced, I can't contain my own frustrations with the moods. I'm used to toddlers; I've been around them far longer than I've been around newborns or one year old's and yet I feel like this toddler, Roman, is teaching me things I've never dealt with before. I didn't think that would be possible, but it definitely is. Every child really is different, my dad told me that when I was a teenager after he expected each of his children to be the same, but I didn't really hear what he was saying - nor did I really believe it. Now I'm living it. And for the majority of the time I'm loving it and when I'm not loving it, I'm praying to love it - and for myself; that I can keep up with all these shifts of emotion, that I can be three seconds ahead of my own changing emotions and keep them in check accordingly and when I get it wrong that I will have the strength to forgive myself.