Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Olympic Torch: Waiting.

A few weeks ago a notice came through our door from our local council; the Olympic torch was coming to town and the relay would be starting at the end of our street!

If you've been held captive since 2006 and don't know about the Olympic bid between Paris and London - and that London won the bid - then you'll also not be aware that the Olympics will be held in London this summer. When I moved to London in 2007 I was quite pleased that I'd be living in an Olympic city and even went so far as to delude myself that I would get a ticket for an event - it didn't matter if it was the egg and spoon race, I wanted to be a part of it. Well, it wasn't to be for little old me. I moved back to Scotland, got married, had a baby and the rest is history.

And speaking of history, even though I grumped and complained about the ethics of the Olympics, I still went to see the torch relay because that is history. And as a mother to a future Olympian (ha! But you never know!) I kind of felt it was my duty to witness history with my child at my side. Well, it was amazing and not only that but I practically rolled out of bed, walked a few footsteps with my camera, my child and my husband to see it. Much better than an Olympic egg and spoon race event.

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I took Roman's hand as we walked up to the road where the relay was passing through and thought we'd missed it as the crowds cheered - turns out the people who'd gathered round (one of them in their PJs and bare foot) were cheering the police on, which is strange sight in Scotland. The Metropolitan police were closely guarding the torch in a massive convoy of police cars, bikes, jeeps - and that one beast everyone wants; bicycles ;).

The worst photo, but the bus that was part of the convoy/relay and the back showed where the torch had been/was going to.

I loved the cheers of support this local dude got for carrying the torch - he was obviously popular because a huge crowd were shouting out for him by name. There was a real excitement that got me when I saw the torch. I had been moody about getting up early, getting dressed and putting on make-up but this moment made all worth it.

When we got home it was all Roman could talk about ;). He even grabbed a few empty bottles, ran about the living room with it above his head, shouting; "TORCH! YEAH!" and later on, as we passed the road where the torch had been he said in a very sad voice, "bye torch!"