Saturday, 30 June 2012

Stolen Cereal.

A dirty face and a box of stolen cereal. 

When I picked Roman up from Bryan's parents home he was running around with his cousins  and I fully expected that he'd be stuffed with food and other treats (and he was.) The minute we got home we were in the kitchen - Roman making a beeline for it as soon as he was free of his buggy straps. He begged for food; rice cakes, lollipops, nice drinks, even a strawberry jam roll that he normally eats for lunch. Figuring that he must be growing I offered him a rice cake but he only ate half of it.

"CEREAL!" he chanted, very excitedly, once he spotted the box. When my back was turned he took this as his cue to grab the box while standing on tip toes. He ran to the living room, box in hand, and dug deep until he got a nice handful of the stuff. "Roman," I said gently. "Did you take the cereal without asking?"

Roman: "Chocolate cereal! Mmmm!" 

He certainly wasn't apologetic or guilty about his thievery and even when I caught him in the act he kept digging into the box and stuffing his face with cereal, cheeky as you like ;).