Wednesday, 27 June 2012


We're always so busy (and tired) that sometimes I feel like this project is last on my list of priorities - but it should be somewhere near the top of my priorities. I need to keep reminding myself that I won't get this again, there are no do-overs and the time is now.

Today I spent a rare morning speaking to my sister on the phone for what seemed like ages, playing catch up with her. Throughout the whole phone call Roman pretty much entertained himself with Bryan's computer chair and the many boxes around him. This is why I love toddler hood. While I don't make a habit of this kind of thing he can and will entertain himself, with my supervision. That's how I know babyhood is far behind. And that's a painful excitement. 

When I got off the phone - or rather Roman hung up on the call while speaking to his aunt - I watched Roman play. I studied the funny and quirky things he does. I laughed, smiled and inside I praised everything he did. He has his ways and they are uniquely his. He took the wheels off his pirate ship and tried to stuff them into the jigsaw box, this kept him busy for quite some time and I was more than happy to just watch. I didn't tidy, organise or clean or work on anything this morning because I was incredibly busy with my anthropology exercise: watching my son. Soaking in the moment, holding onto this precious time.