Thursday, 14 June 2012


Sometimes I don't know who he looks like and that's when I remember, he looks like Roman ;). He has my chin, lips, face shape, button nose and the upper half of his face (eyes, eyebrows, forehead and hairline) is so like Bryan's. But he looks so like my dad whenever he smiles or is up to something cheeky - or as my sister said, 'he looks like dad when dad is having a mad half hour.' Ha. 

But he's Roman. He's not a carbon copy of me, Bryan, my dad, my mum etc...he shares genetics with us so it's no wonder he looks like us but he's Roman. He looks like Roman, suits his name and I can't imagine him as anything or anyone else. And even though he's only been with us for two and a bit years, it feels like he's always been there. My little side kick, my friend, my son, my baby and my boy.