Monday, 18 June 2012

Being A Boy.

When I discovered, on the day he was born, that I had a son it felt right. Internally I said to myself, "this makes sense, it's right to be this way." And since then I haven't looked back.

I'm glad I have my boy to brighten my days, to challenge my patience, to guide me through motherhood and entertain me constantly. Today was a happy day, a day full of sleep and a day where he was a little bit cheeky. After he'd done something particularly cheeky in the living room I turned to Bryan and said, "he's just so cute, even when he does his naughty things. You want to be angry but most of the time I just pretend to be angry because he's so cute." He knew he'd been cheeky - he kept running between us both saying; "cuddle! Kiss! Sorry, good boy!" ;).

He then scaled the couch with his helicopter in tow and began to laugh about the whole thing.