Sunday, 3 June 2012



His hair grows like mine; thick and fast. A haircut (or 'haircup' as he calls them) is in order nearly every single month and that can be a pretty stressful event for everyone. He twists and turns as the clippers come near him, usually followed by tears. It's usually awful and I dread it. I hold off on the haircuts as long as I possibly can but lately I've noticed he was sporting a barnet Donald Trump would be proud of - complete with his own toddler ponytail - and so it had to go.

He wasn't keen on the haircut but he's slowly growing to deal with them a little better. In the end we were reduced to putting him on Bryan's computer chair which worked out to to be the best solution to our little problem. Along with this letting him cut* 'Char-ey Bear' (Charley Bear's) fur made him less strange with the whole thing.

*A little note for my mum who made Charley Bear: the clippers weren't actually turned on so no bears were harmed in this process ;).