Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I was all set to tell you about our very successful toy swap today (swapping his massive toy box full of toys for three smaller boxes full of 'new' but actually old toys ;) and it went very well. He was excited for the change-over and was even more excited when he discovered the pirate ship, with pirates, in one of the boxes. I took many photos to document the swap but then he did this

I was running us a bath, while trying to get lots of other things done at the same time, and Ro took his chance to run through and rub some 'bubbles' on his head ;). He used to call them 'bubbos' but lately his speech is becoming so clear and so developed - my big boy. He was absolutely laughing his head off when he caught sight of himself in the mirror like this and while I tried to hold back my laughter, I simply couldn't. It was hilarious. Though next time I think I will keep a very close eye on him when the bath is running ;).