Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Family and Food.

Two of my favourite things: family and food. And it would seem Roman is following suit in that line of favouritism, too ;). I headed out west today to enjoy some family time and some food time at the 13th Note; a very special cafe that has a very tender place in my heart not least because their sticky toffee pudding is something I might sell an organ for but because I can go there with my (vegan) side of the family and not worry about ingredients and cross contaminants. 

I managed to capture a few photos before the food arrived but in all honesty I was too wrapped up in how amazing everything was to sit there taking photos...and Roman was far too hyper to be contained in the high chair they brought out for him. He kept going between the high chair, back to Aunty 'Fo-na' to settle beside me - especially when the sticky toffee pudding arrived! I was happy to share with my merry little boy and he was glad of the ice cream being spooned into his mouth ;).

After we'd spent about an hour and a half at the 13th Note we spent about three hours in Hamley's toy store. Roman loved everything in his sight, but especially the massive giraffe they had at the front of the shop. He was also pretty pleased to spot one of his Christmas gifts in-store (he recently found the cupboard where all the gifts were kept, sans wrapping paper and they have since been moved and wrapped) and kept running up to it shouting; 'CHRISTMAS! THAT'S ROMAN'S CHRISTMAS!'. 

I was very, very happy that my aunt was returning back with us on the train because it was packed and people were rude as hell - I was nearly knocked down and my buggy thrown sideways on the walk to the train. At least in London no one would dare speak about the cramped conditions...and you know, tubes are designed for cramming situations and people are used to being in close quarters when travelling but oh my goodness it was the ride from hell for the first 15 minutes of that journey home. I will never, ever, ever be travelling at that time again! Overall: a good day and the result was that Roman went straight to bed without a peep ;).