Friday, 12 October 2012

Scottish National Dress With a Modern Twist.

I ordered this outfit last week because we have a family wedding in the summer of 2013 coming up and I like to be prepared and organised way ahead of time. As soon as you were shown the kilt you wanted to put on your 'dress.' "My lovely red dress," you kept saying, stroking the material. "Like it." 

I wasn't sure what went where or how a kilt should be worn - in fact I had to Google 'highland shirts worn with kilts' a few days ago to see how the whole outfit should be put together and found out that tucking in the shirt to the kilt is the most common look for a wedding - who knew? Bryan wore a kilt on our wedding day, my dad used to own a few kilts and whenever there has been a family wedding most of the men wear kilts. It looks smart, handsome and it's our national dress. 

And usually kilts aren't worn with trainers ;). I'll need to look into buying kilt socks and smart shoes - I think it would be child cruelty to force a toddler into a pair of brogues! 

P.S My heart broke a little when I noticed just how grown up he looked here - I feel like I'm looking into a mirror of the future, you know on his wedding day or something. So scary. Also he was successfully charming our neighbour in this photo - where did this child learn his social skills? I have none. And he amazes me.