Tuesday, 9 October 2012

"Want Gurga (Burger)!"

My stripey boy trying to mastermind a way to get to that plate of food to his left.

Seeing as the chesty sounding cough hadn't cleared up I decided to make a doctor's appointment for Roman yesterday. The receptionist awarded me with an appointment this afternoon which meant that Bryan could take Roman along without me having to trek all the way over to the surgery. 

It turned out Roman was absolutely fine (apart from a chesty cough) and Bryan was given a leaflet that the doctor undoubtedly hands out to every first time parent...but it's better to be safe than sorry. And I waited a good time between Ro developing the cough and taking him to the doctor so I don't feel there's any embarrassment to be felt on my part, it's what every good parent does; makes sure their child is safe, healthy and cared for. Plus if there was something more sinister under that awful wheezing? I'd never forget I'd caused damage to my child's health when there are doctors and medicine out there, free at the point of entry no less, for us to use. 

When he got home Roman demanded a slew of foods he wanted to eat, surprising me with his sudden appetite. When he realised that his veggie burger was cooked and waiting for him he wanted it immediately. "WANT GURGA!" he said, gluing his eyes to the burger. "Want sauce, want roll, want gurga." I told him it would have to cool down first, otherwise he'd hurt himself and he simply didn't care about my reasoning ;). So once the burger was cooled, it was served and promptly devoured as though it was the last morsel of food on the face of the earth. "All done, want biscuit, want jelly," Roman informed me very matter of factly. As a special treat he had ice cream...and when he was done with that? "Want cereal." I suppose after a few days of picking at meals and not eating very much his appetite was restored and it's safe to say that he's on the road to a speedy recovery ;).