Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sick Boy.

Sometimes I have to snap photos quickly, without much chance to set up the shot how I'd like and this photo is a result of this. With your quilt in focus and your face out of focus. And I confess; I was using auto focus here. If you grow up to be a photographer, I apologise in advance!

Today: you were sick and my throat began to become scratchy. Your chesty cough is unbearable to hear and when we were outside I had to stop to stroke your head and face every so often, to reassure you. We were heading out for supplies and so Bryan could work - and so I didn't have to tidy the big mess in the middle of the living room floor ;). While we were out I was sure you'd sleep in your buggy, you didn't. Our sleeping habits parallel; both light sleepers who can only sleep in a bed, but who might rarely fall asleep on a sofa. What we want when we're sick? The same basic things; reassurance, reassurance and more reassurance.

You were tired and very ready for bed, totally run down and ill. I'm worried about you more than usual and my fears sound like this:

What if you choke and die in your sleep?
What if you wake up in the night, crawl out of the covers and die of hypothermia?
What if, what if, what if....

To be a mother of a sick child is to be wracked with worry. This illness will pass and I'll forget my fears but for now I have them rattling around in my brain. I hope you're better soon.