Thursday, 25 October 2012

That Time of Year.

A while ago I spotted this location on a local photographer's Facebook page (yes, I'm a location thief!) and I decided it was truly wonderful and I needed to take photos there immediately. But then life happened and I forgot until today. The idea of going to this place and snapping a bunch of wonderful photos somehow got into my head but there was a snag on my plans: although I looked after Roman very well today I didn't look after myself very well. I couldn't be bothered to go out and by the time we did go out the afternoon light was fading to black. I also had to make pit stops to the shops to buy bribes to feed Roman (I'm a terrible mother) so I could get him to pose 'just so' and by the time we got to our location the light was completely gone. I had to crank up my ISO and rely on light shining in from Roman's left to light my photos. 

I honestly do not know how this local photographer does their job because quite frankly: the image I saw in my head? It didn't match reality one bit. The bribes didn't work, for a start, which was a huge shock for me and because it was dark Roman was a bit scared to be more than a footstep away from me. But this photo represents everything I love about this time of year: crunchy piles of leaves, a cosy jacket with plenty of layers underneath and so many pretty back drops where we live. I'm excited for winter to truly come in.