Sunday, 21 October 2012

Mummy's Crap Camera.

Today it got to 6pm and I'd just remembered I needed to snap a photo. The trouble was that my camera battery needed charged and with it being completely out of juice it takes hours to charge, so out my old camera came. Oddly enough Roman responded very positively to it by jumping up and down on the spot shouting; "camera! Mummy's crap camera!" Ha! That boy has a memory that never forgets, that's for sure ;).

 The last time I locked eyes on my old camera was back in March, when Ro was 25 months old. It was in February, when he turned two, that I declared it was no longer fit for my purpose, that I didn't feel challenged at all in using it (only having bought it the previous August I can see why this qualifies me for being a spoiled brat, but still, the point remained true.) So you see why I'm impressed with his memory. 

Also in the photo above? He was telling me all about the food he was eating, along with the foods he enjoys usually.