Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hi. This is a Blog Post.

Um so...the posts have been lacking lately. The reality is that I've been busy, busy, busy and I haven't really had a moment to edit photos and share them on here. I haven't really had time to think about what to actually do with my time because it feels as though every minute is taken by life. The thing is this: I always do more than I can manage and burn myself out. Doing things mostly single-handedly with Roman I don't have a chance to recoup any energy - lately he's been getting up stupid early and waking up from naps early, too. If I take the naps away it doesn't make any difference. If I keep him up later, much of the same. It's tiring and exhausting because there is absolutely no room for taking pictures, blogging and sometimes eating (on top of research, house work, working out my future plans). If it wasn't for Bryan coming home every lunch time I don't think I'd bother with food.

Despite all of this physical stuff I don't feel emotionally zapped at all. In fact I find my list of things to feel sad about is well...non existent. If I were feeling down emotionally I'd honestly believe I was depressed, but I'm not. I'm sitting on the surface of content with sprinklings of frustration and annoyance because life is not perfect. 

So I need more time to catch up with the photo posts. And no: in the time it took me to write all of this I couldn't have done a photo post. It takes me about an hour per post and I have a few days worth to catch up with...so no I don't have the time for that ;). Tonight I'm wrapping Christmas presents that I bought ages ago because I don't want to spend my birthday (24th December) wrapping them, like I did last year. For now I'm going to watch a programme about homes in small spaces, wrap my Christmas presents weeks ahead of schedule and when I'm done I'm going to celebrate with vegan pizza. When I'm done me and Bryan will watch Lost and the whole time I'm sitting there I'll try not to think about what I should/could be doing. 

Are you a freak like me? How do I lose some control over my control? Why am I such a perfectionist? HELP!