Monday, 15 October 2012

Jacket On, Let's Go!

My parents paid us a visit on their way to Dunoon to attend the Gaelic festival, the Royal National Mòd where my dad is singing with his choir. Roman was asleep when they arrived but when he woke up he enjoyed being wrapped in a blanket and snuggled in with his granny. He came to life within half an hour and at the mention of going in the car to the shops he ran around the living room very excited at the prospect of taking a trip in his loved car seat.

"Help!" Roman said, bypassing me and heading straight for my mum with his unzipped jacket. I'm happy with his ease, with the bond that formed in the summer and has stayed since and most of all I'm surprised at myself; at how easy it is to watch others love him without feeling jealous of the relationship and able to enjoy it completely.