Sunday, 14 October 2012

No More Cheese.

I made up a roll and (vegan) cheese for Roman today. We were in somewhat of a rush and so I moved his high chair into the hall so I could supervise him in my rush to get ready and get out the door. I caught glimpses of him pulling off the cheese and eating it, rather than tucking into the roll itself. When he'd successfully ate all the cheese there were tears and this heart broken face, with a plea for more cheese.

"There's no more cheese," I gently informed him and that tipped the upset into a rage.


I told him again there was no cheese, explained it was okay to be annoyed about this fact but asked him not to shout. "You can be angry, but there is no reason to shout." And he stopped shouting. Lately I've been noticing that his understanding is improving at a scary rate - scary because there are times when I believe he won't 'get' something and then he surprises me by proving that he understands it far better than I have given him credit for. Though this doesn't happen an awful lot when it does happen I'm thrown ever so slightly - and again reminded: he's growing up.