Sunday, 7 October 2012


Lately Roman has taken to saying, "scary daddy, very scary" whenever Bryan comes into the room. I haven't ever brought it to his (Bryan's) attention before but then today Roman reacted very badly when he walked into the room. Without seeing the clippers he had tucked under his arm I decided to say something about Roman's reaction. "He's doing that a lot," I said to Bryan.

"Aye cause I've got the clippers through," he said, turning to show me the dreaded clippers tucked neatly under his arm. Roman has mixed reactions to these clippers but most of the time he has an aversion to them...and I don't blame him. They're noisy, have nicked his ear before and they look scary, even to me.

"Hiding! Hiding!" Roman said when I took this photo, burrowing himself deeper into the blanket and eventually demanding he be picked up. When we introduced the clippers near his head he kept saying "nooo!" and "wah, wah, wah" (you know actually saying it, not just crying.) It's not smart or clever to attempt a haircut on a sick toddler, that's the lesson learned for today.