Thursday, 11 October 2012


New slippers, bought on a bit of an impulse but not an entirely worthless purchase either. 

Every morning Roman's vest and pyjamas have to be removed because they smell so bad (from poo. Yep, another lesson thrown at me through parenting a toddler) resulting in him getting very cold quickly. I remedied this by buying him a dressing gown for his birthday, thinking it would solve the issue and it didn't really. It's cold more often than warm, or even mildly warm, in Scotland and so slippers are essential to not freezing your baws off. I have slippers and variations on slippers in the form of slipper socks kicking about for the constant freeze that eats up about 7/8 months of the year and now Roman has these, his treasured slippers.

When I announced it was bedtime he carefully removed his pair of slippers, carried them softly to his room and ever so gently put them to rest on top of his toy box. I hadn't asked or expected him to take them off, so I was surprised at the level of care he'd put into looking after them. I'm happy with my impulse buy and it appears Roman is, too.