Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Pick & Mix Dinner.

I took these photos to show you, when you're older, the kind of foods you ate as a toddler. The kind you loved, begged for and that sometimes it wasn't all me forcing you to eat vegetables (not that I ever do, mind you) and healthy things. A mixture of pineapple fingers, lumps of mild soya cheese, gluten free oatcakes (because they were cheap and full of fibre-rich seeds) with herb soya cheese, Jelly Tots (vegan, to my surprise) and plain Hula Hoops are sometimes the dinner time order.

The first thing you go for? The lumps of cheese. Then you move onto the pineapple. I'm surprised that your first choices are fairly healthy...because if it were me at two years old I think I'd annihilate the Jelly Tots (which I now despise) and then move onto the Hula Hoops, eating the healthier things last ;). You're different, your tastes are different, tastes expand with every generation as more and more previously exotic foods become normalised. 

In my childhood pineapple came in tins or if someone could be bothered to hack it up you could buy a whole pineapple and chop it up. For you it comes ready chopped; either as chunks or whole in a packet. It comes tinned, too; chunks or rings, take your pick. And it comes dried; as crisps or chunks. Choice is massive, even for something as insignificant as pineapple. Oh the future is so vast and exciting - I can't wait to see what's next.