Monday, 6 February 2012

Boy on a Box.


We had a knock at the door just as Bryan was heading out this afternoon. "Are you expecting a parcel?" he asked me, knowing full well I might be. But for once I couldn't recall buying anything on-line. Of course no sooner had the question left his lips than it was answered by the delivery man, who was from a large chain store dropping off Roman's (early) birthday present from my mum. Some much needed storage for his room. 

As parents to the most lavished upon little boy ever it's hard to be creative about birthday present ideas - storage ranks pretty highly on 'he needs this for his room, but it's kinda boring.' 

Well, he didn't find it boring ;). He loved the fact it had a 'seat' for him and he loved lifting up the lid and putting it back on again. The box has two compartments so I told Roman 'your plastic things will go in here and your cloth/soft toys go in here' not expecting him to understand a word of what I said. I then later saw him putting a name brand plastic building block into the plastic compartment ;). I don't know if he understands or it's just coincidence but I was impressed either way.

Roman is also mighty curious. He used to love the windows in our old flat because they were quite low and with a toy box propped up against the window he could look out onto the street. Now it's a case of standing up on this new toy box, craning his neck a little and getting a good eyeful from his vantage point of the comings and goings of our neighbours. I think he's very pleased with this gift.

Although he loves to jump off the sofa, while B catches him. Well, today he said, 'jump! jump! jump!' which is usually a way of telling us he wants to jump but not necessarily a precursor to doing so. 

So it was his usual jump chant and all of a sudden he'd leaped off the box, we look round to see a little boy in a heap on the floor - laughing his head off, no less! 

Day one of the box and already it's multi-purpose ;).