Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mellow Yellow.


Today was a strange day of challenges and testing of patience. Today was the day I heard you say the word 'fun' for the first time, although it sounds more like 'bun.' 

You were so hungry. You cried while I ate, kept begging me for drinks and scraps off my plate (I don't like crusts or too much bread.) You ate a huge dinner and then declared a list of foods you'd like to eat; 'cereal.' So off Daddy went to fix you a bowl of cereal. When that was done it was 'go-gart.' Daddy plodded off to get you another yogurt. This was after a good, hearty dinner on top of all these extras you were asking for. With your long legs it's hard to imagine that you'll grow any bigger, but surely with the demands for extra food and the mood swings it's likely we're facing another growth spurt. Mood swings coincide with very little nap-time, it's not your fault.

And let me just say; you're a Daddy's boy. I'm learning to adjust to that, but it still feels like a kick in the guts every time you favour him over me. But there is one sweetness about you at this age; you're a follower. No matter where I stand or walk to in a room, you follow. It's hard to take photos of you doing anything because as soon as I move, you move with me. My precious little shadow. Although it gets kind of awkward when I need to use the loo ;).

I was feeling so very sick this afternoon and really needed to lie down in bed. Before I went I was getting stressed about the washing being dry but un-folded and not yet put away - could I ask B? Yes. But he'd probably do it in 'five minutes' - so I began to fold and put away your clothes. You followed me into your room, made for the books and got quite comfortable in a little corner. You looked so cute that I really wanted to stay and play with you. We blew bubbles, stacked up some books and you did all kinds of poses for me, saying 'cheeeese!' without fail every single time.

Bryan is quite the follower, too ;). Whenever we disappear for a couple of minutes he comes to check on us and ends up staying to play, too. You have a magnetic personality that attracts people to you and it's always been so - you're full of life and sunshine. You're a ball of 'bun.'

You can also tell that we're twenty-something parents because we're still very young at heart and do silly things like pass you out through your window with mum on one side, passing you through the open window and dad on the other ready to catch you and back again in reverse. 

You were smiling so big and laughing so hard at this and kept squealing 'bun! bun! bun!' over and over. I just hope your childhood is fun and not blighted with memories of a sickly mum - you make me feel my 26 years of age, you force the fun out of me and keep my spirits up.