Friday, 3 February 2012

Little Dude in a Towel.


Today was a disaster. 

See the bags under his eyes? See the dark shadows? No?

Well...if yesterday was a sleepy day then today was a restless day. Lots of screaming, wailing, gnashing of teeth etc...

As the trains rolled past I thought about sending Roman off on one of them. I'm not sure what his complaint was but by 5pm he kept walking to the living room door, pointing towards his room and saying 'bed.' I was so tempted to just let him go to bed, I'd honestly had enough. 

An early bath was in order and as soon as The Simpsons came on TV all was well, although my head now feels like it's going to explode and I am physically shaking I'm so tired and worn down from today.

I've decided that a little Facebook-free and blog-free weekend is in order. The Internet is a great place, I won't debate that, but there are times where it's absolutely toxic and for this reason I'm taking a break. Besides, I'm pretty much never using Facebook over the weekend - so why use it at all? As for blogging, I love it, but I find myself usually trying to find something on Facebook when I blog, so to remove temptation I'm going to have to take a break with that, too.

As for my 366 Project, it will go on :). I will snap the pictures and upload them to my computer but I will not be posting them on the blog until Monday - I think I just need to take this time to remind myself I'm not a horrible parent and I can keep going. I have no choice, really, but I want to choose happiness. I'll return back in a better mood!

Do you ever feel like you need an Internet break? Have you ever switched off at the weekend? Did you shrivel up and die? :P.