Monday, 27 February 2012



Everywhere I go, he goes.

Last week, when we went swimming, and he couldn't see me in the changing room (despite being right next to my mum) he shouted out; 'MUH-MEE!' and came running towards me. 

Bryan ran some errands this afternoon so it was me and Roman by ourselves. He kept chasing me around the house and making his following ways into a game. I know he feels more secure around me or B and while that's the way it should be, it does make picture taking difficult ;). If I want to catch him being busy then he needs to be doing something that requires him to concentrate. Like drawing or eating. And even at that he'll pick up the paper, crayons, bowl of food or whatever and will follow me. 

Today he wanted me to take his hand while we scouted round the place, the only time he let up was when he stopped to admire his cheeky reflection in the hall mirror.

He's been hard work today. I know I worked up a sweat with the things he was doing; pushing over the TV (yep), slapping me and B (double yep. And I am not happy about this) and the worst thing he did to me; clawed the skin near my eyes, making me look like I'd been beaten up due to the hives developing round the area. 

There are some days I wish we had a room full of padding and a ball pit so he could work out the energy there, rather than on one of us.