Wednesday, 8 February 2012

One More Time.


Today we went to Stirling to get a few last minute Birthday things - I tied up most of my loose ends at home and work and off we went. My mum was also making her way down from Thurso so we met up with her at the train station and all went home together. 

During the time between meeting up with her and going home me, Ro and B all walked around shops and chilled. We also made our obligatory visit to a popular health food store and bought Roman some dinner, which is what he is stuffing his face with in the photo.

When we got home I was so pleased with his little face - that little boy has always loved his food, that's for sure. I thought today's photo would be a picture of Roman and my mum but I really loved this little cheeky pot staring back at me in the photos. My one year old, one more time and for a few hours longer while he turns into my two year old.

I thought today would be filled with emotions I wouldn't know what to do with, but actually, I'm just so happy to get to these two years without any life altering events or devastating childhood illnesses. Two years seems like a long time, or it used too, until I became a mother. Honestly. It's gone so fast.

I'm sure I'll have a glut of photos to share tomorrow so for now I'll leave you with Roman's birth story, which you can read here.