Monday, 13 February 2012

The Artist.


Last year my brother (who lives in the States), his lovely wife and my two nephews visited us in our old home. Before they arrived I bought them arty things as gifts (as well as non-vegan chocolate, I must confess. But they are not vegans and it's kind of hard to buy a vegan version of a Milky Way.)

I had bought - and put away - a little art carry case set for my oldest nephew but had stashed it away somewhere very safe. So safe that I couldn't find it until a few days before Roman's 2nd birthday so he was given the art set. 

I came to the conclusion that seeing as though he had the paints, we should probably use them. I'm not ashamed to say that today was the first time I had let him rip with paints and I'm also not shy of saying that it worked out better than I thought it would - I had this fear of him going on a mad spree with a paintbrush and attacking every available space (which he did end up doing, but as we were in the kitchen it was less of a big deal as I could wipe every available surface.)

We don't have an easel for him, but this was easily remedied when I fed the paper pad through the cooker handle ;). 

He had a blast with the paints, kept running back and forth between the living room and kitchen to show my mum his paintbrush and finally the finished masterpiece. Unfortunately once I was all cleaned up with his paints and ready to move onto making gingerbread biscuits with him, he either pulled on or tripped over our lamp cord and it smashed every where - one of those days.

Every time he went into the kitchen (after the floor was mopped and vacuumed about 5 times) he'd point to what was left of the lamp and say 'sozzy.' I hope that despite the lamp incident he had a happy day. My little artist.

P.S: more photos after 'read more' ;). I couldn't help it...

Very precise and concentrated two year old artist ;).

Cooker easel.

The hands of an artist.