Thursday, 16 February 2012



Isn't it wonderful to think that toddlers (for the most part) come with a no-holds barred connection to most human beings? They don't care about your sex, race, religion or political beliefs. They're wonderful little people before they become adults; full of opinions (wrongly or rightly), discrimination, prejudgments and for this little toddler - there is little to no awkwardness once the initial assessing of a person is done.

To me this phase is both perfect and awkward. The constant asserting of independence can be grating, whether that's a little boy refusing his bed, constantly saying 'mout, mout, MOUT!' (out, out, out) when in the buggy or 'want, want!' while begging for lollipops in the kitchen. But there are those perfect moments, like the above, when you want to immediately have 10 babies just to have these moments 10 times over.