Sunday, 12 February 2012

Jee-Su (Jesus.)


Today was a special day - Sunday. One of Roman's favourite days of the week he gets to play in Nursery, see pictures of Jesus all over the place and he's quite a reverent toddler in general. He knows exactly what to do when a prayer is being said; folding his arms, bowing his sweet little head and closing his eyes tightly. Sometimes he'll say 'amen' mid-prayer, though ;).

We haven't prompted him to do any of this stuff; we pray as a family and he follows that example and the example set at church. He's also been quite taken with pictures of 'Jee-Su' (Jesus) since he was little. I'll never forget the time that Bryan had come back from the temple with a picture of Jesus for Roman's room and each time he saw the picture he would crack up laughing. 

He and Jesus have been pals ever since ;).