Thursday, 23 February 2012

Waterstones, Stirling.


Roman woke up with a cold. He's had a high-ish temperature for a few days but I overlooked it, as you do, because it didn't worry me.

With it being my mum's last day here we decided to head off to Stirling for the day - Stirling is the smallest city in Scotland - to do a spot of light shopping ;). With Roman being ill this was a tiny bit stressful because he didn't know what he wanted, or when he wanted it. He refused the buggy, refused taking our hands, refused to walk and refused to be held. He threw himself down on the ground a fair few times and at one point just sat on the ground and cried. 

He was fine once we'd stopped off at our local health food shop and bought some grub (food) for him but the time in between was a bit of a nightmare scenario. So many people stared or pointed when Bryan finally put Roman into his buggy - he did not want to go in and kept saying 'Mout! MOUT! MOUT!' (out, out, out.) 

I clenched my fists down by my side and had to remind myself to not give a crap - who are these people, the ones who don't have to cope with this 24/7, how dare they get offended by this. He is my child. I know what I'm doing. Stop staring at me like I'm a monster.

The whole situation was embarrassing. The tears, the screaming and the fact we were trying our best not to lose our minds on the walk to get food for this little toddler who was breaking his heart in his buggy. 

Once he was fed and watered, he was perfectly happy. It was the time in between that was a killer. It's hard when you want to do everything you possibly can to avoid any outbursts all to realise you can't control that. And when you add in the fact he's sick on top of that...well that invites a recipe for disaster.

So, the only shop he found any kind of solace in was Waterstones. Full of books, toys, colouring in and more books it was right up Roman's street (even at that, it got old fast for him.) 

What a sad time for him :(. I've learned a few things today;

1. Never, ever think 'shut up' when I hear a baby/toddler kicking and screaming in a shop. Just feel sorry for the parents.

2. Don't go out shopping with a sick toddler who is choked with the cold. Never again in my life.