Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Big Boy.


Walking back from the shops I decided to let Roman out of his buggy so he could tire himself out a little before bed - still battling with getting his sleeping pattern sorted, seems to be settling back down over these past few days, thank goodness.

More on today: it was one of those warm, sunny but not overwhelming days. A toddler and me sharing an afternoon bath; taking turns to dump water on each other's heads. Getting ready to leave. Our afternoon stroll together. Taking a different route to the shops to spice things up a notch - I like to live dangerously ;). I love this little friend of mine; the boy I can communicate with, the one who talks back to me about everything around him, parrots what I say and makes me smile every moment I'm with him. And just today I was reminded what a mirror reflection of Bryan he really is, they're both gorgeous to me.

And here is my little friend looking up at me from the vantage point of his buggy. Comfy in there, son?