Friday, 25 May 2012

Being Two Is Tough.


Ro went to bed late (after 9pm, due to the heat) and woke up later than expected.  So late that he slept through breakfast.

Our schedule was off and because he slept so late it was decided a nap wouldn't be on the agenda. In spite of this he kept looking at me with puppy eyes and saying, "bed?" every so often. When this didn't work he'd throw himself down on the floor and scream - the scream to end all screams. It was so close to bedtime that I didn't want to let the two sleeps overlap so close but I was very tempted to just let him sleep.

Instead I handed him an ice lolly and he put on his reading glasses. All was well. Until I had to take the lolly off him so I could melt it down into a drink as Roman was rather enjoying painting his clothes with it.