Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Space To Read.


I wanted to create an extra special and comfy space for Roman to read books, play and create. I followed examples of Waldorf and Montessori classrooms and how other parents had set things up for their children using these approaches. 

In Roman's room I have put everything at his level, created a 'sofa' by putting a soft blanket over a box, padding the back with a cushion for back support and comfort and I have moved his child size chair into his room. Just yesterday as I was setting everything up he spent an hour with me - an hour just sitting on his 'comfy' couch, colouring in his books and reading. The boy who struggles to sit for 5 minutes interrupted sat for an hour while I set this all up ;).

Well, I finished the mini living space today and while it's not perfect I'm pretty sure Roman has given it his seal of approval and still enjoys his reading area - he chose the 'comfy' over his shrunk down seat. 

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The whole view of the 'home corner' in his room.
'The comfy,' a little phone and phone table, some of his artwork and the 'window.'
Every living room needs a rug and a magazine rack (box.)
If you're wondering what this is: it's a 'window.' I tried to make it look like the view outside of Roman's room - with a flower and cake 'cooling' on the window ledge ;). That bit of material is the 'curtain.' 
The view from his window.

I hope you enjoyed our little room tour :).