Sunday, 20 May 2012



On our family walk this evening I discovered this lovely tree stump. I've always had a fascination for these things; I grew up near a huge country park that housed the biggest tree stump I've ever seen. It was so big infact that us four children could sit on it! I used to love tracing the rings on 'my' tree stump and counting them with my dad. He taught me that you could count a tree's age based on the number of rings on the stump* - I don't know if that's true but it certainly seems remarkable if it is true.

Today when I came across this stump I wasn't sure that Roman would even care about it - to him it's surely just a lump of wood, right? Well I think he was quite taken with it. He kept running up to it and saying 'Tweeeee (tree)! My tweee!' I should have guessed he'd be fascinated by this 'twee' as he has quite the thing for trees right now.

*Blessed with the aid of the internet I have discovered that yep, you can find out a tree's 'age' by its ring stumps! Yay!