Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Potty Training Our Dinosaur.


We got things off to a start a little today with potty training. 

I'd like to go at it with a no looking back on using nappies attitude but Bryan would not. I know Roman isn't bothered either way - he likes wearing pants and nappies. The truth is that with me being ill (not that you'd notice as I normally run myself ragged on a daily basis) we mend and make do. What works for us might seem backwards or obscure to others but we have to do what works for our family. 

Luckily everything else has happily fallen into this wonderful pattern where everything has worked out for us and I keep reminding myself that learning to use the toilet full time will come, just like everything else. Roman just needs us there to cheer him on, to guide him with gentleness, to wipe up pee and to wash his wet pants ;). Any parent or carer of small children who have been here before know what I'm talking about, I'm sure.

There was a little hiccup with using the potty in the morning. Roman didn't want to try the potty and pleaded for a nappy...that was until we got a pair of pants out of his drawer. He loves pants and that makes me happy - it's the little things ;). I wouldn't say we're militant on this regime we have going but once we've used up our disposable nappies they're gone, all gone. We do have a stash of cloth nappies that we'll use for night times and naps - it keeps our home happy to do this so I'm going with that. 

After Roman went to the potty (a story I'll keep off the blog to protect his dignity) we fitted him with a nappy. Shortly after he had it on, he wet it. He pointed to it and said 'oh dear!' I checked him and sure enough it was wet. He's aware - he's always been aware - and right now is a great time to start guiding him through this process.

Pray, cross your fingers, do a rain dance or send wishes to the moon that this goes well for us when we go for it full time. I'm scared it will end horribly and he'll regress back to nappies...but I'm also reminding myself that every parent must feel this at some point.